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Both Luul and Mariam feel a sense of joy when they cook and feed people wholesome food from their homeland, Somalia. “I love seeing people’s faces light up when they taste Somali food for the first time. They can’t believe how delicious it is”, says Luul. 

The two friends came together through their love of cooking and had the idea to start their own business to empower themselves economically. “We thought, why not?”, said Mariam. 

“In Somalia all the women come together and cook for the family. Many families live close to each other so the kitchen is a place of great laughter and conversation. You can taste the happiness and love that goes into Somali food”, Luul explains. 

Mariam and Luul have grown up around the preparation of food and have been cooking since they were young. They both learnt how to cook from their mothers in Somalia where they were born and have been cooking for over 37 years. They are passionate about sharing their culture through food with the wider Australian Community. Luul opened and ran a restaurant selling traditional Somali food in New Zealand when she arrived there as a refugee at the age of 24. The locals loved the exotic, home cooked flavours she was bringing to their homes. She loves sharing recipes and talking all about the variety of dishes she makes. 

The Somali Sisters are happy to cater for a variety of events to share their world of delicious flavours with you. 


Rachel Macindoe, 34 years

"The flavours in their food are a beautiful blend that take your tastebuds on a journey to new places. The Somali Sisters create delicious meals that you can't forget!"

Rotary Club of Ivanhoe

"The food was delicious, especially the Sambusas. It was great to try Somali Cuisine." 

Anna Crabb

"Home-made, authentic Somali food. Very generous servings and lots of vegetarian options."

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